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 Family Hotel Hotell CAPTAIN    Family Hotel Hotell CAPTAIN  Family Hotel Hotell CAPTAIN  Family Hotel Hotell CAPTAIN 

 Family Hotel Hotell CAPTAIN  Varna
 Alen Mak area

 Prices per person from 20 to 35 levs
 Visits: 1888

 Family Hotel Zelenika    Family Hotel Zelenika  Family Hotel Zelenika 

 Family Hotel Zelenika  Varna

 Prices per person from 20 to 30 levs
 Visits: 2033

 Family Hotel Terra    Family Hotel Terra  Family Hotel Terra  Family Hotel Terra 

 Family Hotel Terra  Varna
 str."D-r Puiskiuliev" 66

 Prices per person from 25 to 45 levs
 Visits: 2103

 Family Hotel  "Argo"    Family Hotel  "Argo"  Family Hotel  "Argo"  Family Hotel  "Argo" 

 Family Hotel  "Argo"  Varna

 Prices per person from 40 to 50 levs
 Visits: 909

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